Equipment & Installation Risk Analysis

Following are the list of equipment & installation risk analysis including but not limited to:

a) Process and process safety

  • Preparation / Updating of P&IDs (CAD as well as Intelligent)
  • Review of Process information and conformation on the adequacy of the facilities envisaged
  • Updating the Process package for further Engineering
  • Safety and Loss Prevention Engineering
  • Thermal Design for Equipments
  • Process simulation, heat & material balance, SAFE Charts, process studies, utility demands, equipment and line sizing.

b) Mechanical Equipment (Static, Rotating and Package)

  • Review of Equipment Data Sheets in line with the process updating
  • Mechanical Design and Calculation Report
  • Preparation of Detailed Fabrication Drawings
  • FEM and FEA

c) Pipeline

  • Equipment and Piping Layouts
  • Piping General Arrangement Drawings
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Piping Material Specification
  • Piping Load Calculation
  • Surge Analysis
  • Isometrics & BOM
  • Pipe Supports Design
  • Tracing / Jacketing
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Stability Assessment (Pipeline Span and On-Bottom Stability)
  • Buried Pipeline Integrity Assessment

d) Electrical

  • Power generation and distributions system
  • Electrical equipment (electrical motor, switch gear, UPS, solar panel, etc.)
  • One line diagrams
  • Interconnection  diagrams
  • Cable layout and specification and lighting protection.

We also involve operations and maintenance personnel to identify their main safety concerns. This type of assessment includes:

  • A risk assessment of both mechanical and non-mechanical hazards on individual machines
  • Assessment of the existing risk reduction measures
  • A review of the viability of upgrading the safety of the machine
  • Prioritized recommendations on approach to improve current status
  • Pipeline Integrity Management Systems (PIMS)
  • Fitness-for-Service (FFS)
  • Damage Assessment