Structural Integrity and Re-Assessment

PT. Intesco Global Internusa can offer a full range of structural re-assessment capabilities from design component approaches based on API RP2A to full non-linear approaches or approach to re-assessment of jacket structures utilizes the latest techniques based on assessment of the jackets overall reliability based on reserve strength calculated from ultimate strength collapse analysis.

Adopting this approach eliminates the design approach requirement to justify utilizations of every single structural component of the jacket. Case studies performed have proven that structures that were deemed unfit for service using design approaches actually achieved required reliability levels, eliminating or greatly reducing expensive mitigation through subsea repair or strengthening.

The use of ultimate strength methods can also be used to demonstrate robustness required for the application of RBI approaches to inspection planning as well as identifying member criticality for life extension studies.
In addition to analysis for re-assessment, we can offer a full structural analysis capability including:

  • In place Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Spectral/Deterministic Fatigue Analysis
  • Seismic Analysis – Response spectrum, time history, equivalent static pushover
  • Ship Impact
  • Non-Linear Pushovers – intact, member criticality
  • Lifting
  • Skidded load-out
  • Sea-transportation
  • Jacket launching
  • Jacket floatation and upending
  • Temporary on-bottom stability
  • Topside float-over installation
  • Pile and foundation design
  • Pile driveability
  • Structural integrity and platform re-assessment

Additionally, all forms of structural studies can be performed including:

  • Strengthening Design
  • Structural Life Extension Studies
  • Independent design verification – new built
  • Re-assessment as part of SIM (In-Service Integrity)